E-Reputation in China

E-Reputation in China

Daxue Consulting offers e- reputation management services in China for both businesses and individuals, specifically tailored for various industries that include automotive, luxury, wine and health care, etc. Our services include a throughout analysis and a complete assessment along with online management services that include social media marketing, SEO consulting, infographic services, and web design and development. Our team builds its reputation for delivering high quality, branded solutions and strategic solutions for small, medium and large businesses and organizations. At Daxue Consulting, we understand that it is essential for companies to have a comprehensive, powerful and positive online reputation in their respective industries. Enterprises and individuals that do not currently have a proactive and responsive online reputation management system may face several risks.

Our Internet Reputation Management services are built from the ground up to enable us to customize our services according to the need of your company. Our goal is to enhance your e-reputation and credibility online while protecting your company from false commentaries and negative remarks.

Daxue experts will continuously monitor the search engine algorithms and trends to broadcast positive and trust-building materials and build trust towards your brand and service. The end target is to increase your online presence by posting materials and articles specifically intended to enhance and endorse your company’s online presence. Our e-Reputation management service is guaranteed to discourage negative messages, promote positive messages and proactively monitor your online reputation.

We utilize our highly efficient advanced search engine optimization techniques on search engine platforms such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as relevant social media, to ensure that the best ranked and most visible information about your company and yourself is positive.


Our Strategy

  • Platform Analysis
  • Identify and recognize Challenges
  • Evaluate Strategies against Objectives
  • Develop Solutions
  • Ensure Offline/Online Reputation Campaigns are Synchronized
  • Target Key Areas of Strength for Opportunities
  • Implement Strategies
  • Maintain Downward Movement of Negatives
  • Analyze Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Strengths and Weakness of Strategies
  1. Essential characteristics of entering the Chinese E-commerce Market
  • High-quality Products with suitable price
  • Visibility
  • Good Reputation


Visibility of SEO on Search Engine in China

Every business, domestic and international, or anyone with involvement in the digital world in China, has to understand the importance of web optimization through Baidu. Baidu is the leading search engine in China that caters to 640 million internet users. With the continuously changing sphere of innovation and evolution, our experts have the ability to navigate through the maze of the Chinese Internet and help businesses to increase their visibility.