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Daxue Practices Online Sales Acceleration in China

Daxue Consulting offers online sales acceleration services in China for both businesses and individuals to assist with the development of online platforms, and management. We understand that it is critical to identify, stay focused and make effective choices on how to succeed in the China market. Our services are aimed to achieve increased sales, customer engagement and brand recognition to gain a competitive advantage in China’s volatile market.

Running an online store and providing a great customer experience requires a tremendous attention and work. From managing inventory, picking, and packing orders and responding to customers inquiries is a process that is overwhelming and can potentially damage your business reputation. Our experts at Daxue Consulting provide a series of designed specifically to help small to medium e-commerce store prosper in China. Our services are to help our clients to understand the environment of e-commerce in China, assist with opening an e-commerce store on trading platforms and potentially increase online sales in China.

Environment of E-commerce in China

China has developed a reputation for difficult cross-border trades and government interference in the foreign operation and investment. A simple procedure such as setting up an online shop within China can be very complex. Below are a few challenges businesses might face in the environment of e-commerce in China.

  • Online sales activationGovernment intervention
    For businesses looking to deliver B2C or B2B content into China, navigating policies and regulations can be an excessive burden. To make things more complicated, the environment that the central Chinese government and provincial government continuously issues changes in regulation. The need for a dedicated team of experts to assist in this hurdle is essential.
  • Network of dispersed users
    China’s fragmented networks with very few exchange points, it is difficult to extend existing websites and web applications across China. To overcome networking issues within China, the need to focus on developing internet service provider (ISP) relationships will take time and effort. Adding to that, a substantial amount of traffic management and monitoring is needed to deliver content in a reliable and consistent manner.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Usage
    With the expansion of businesses to serve a global audience, CDN is vital to delivering content from servers on a large number of networks around the world. With China’s unique network and regulatory challenges requires a great level of proficiency and efficiency in the business and government landscape. With that in mind, our team of experts will assist in providing fast responses to issues that could affect website and application performance.

To react or stay ahead in China’s volatile market, Digital Marketing as well as e-commerce merchandising and sales management tools is needed to create stronger connections with customers. Our experts at Daxue Consulting have the ability to help our clients to provide a solution to continuously be engaging with their customers and maximize revenue by making e-commerce experience more relevant, dynamic and personal.

How we can help

E-Commerce in China is growing at a rapid pace and it appears to have big rewards for those who manage to thrive in the market. Most companies face problems due to the limited knowledge about the Chinese market and the variety of e-commerce platforms. With countless B2C e-commerce platforms in China, each platform requires a deposit, annual fees, and commission. Small to medium size businesses might have difficult in choosing  With that in mind, our team of experts at Daxue Consulting have the relevant experience and knowledge to help businesses start an e-commerce business in China. Our goal is to help assist in business growth and extend our client’s sales channels with the following to allow our clients to reach the full economic potential.

  • E-commerce management
  • Traffic management and monitoring
  • Continuous government updates on regulation
  • Flash sales
  • Advertising campaigns
  • KOL endorsements


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